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21st October, 2021 | A VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM

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DLT Labs

A catalyst of change

As pioneers of enterprise blockchain solutions we have created a sustainable business environment built on trust & transparency for organisations to collaborate. Our blockchain applications have phenomenal transformative potential and are highly customizable to cater to the needs of enterprises both in the public and private sectors. 

Leveraging this distributed ledger technology, DLT Labs provides a scalable architecture to offer innovative enterprise solutions to solve complex business problems in an Enterprise-to-Enterprise (E2E) network.

Telangana Government

Technology first

The government of Telangana is recognised as a pioneer which adopts various domains of technology like AI, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and even Blockchain for modern and pain free governance. The 2nd ICT Act will place IT firmly at the centre of building a golden Telangana.

In pursuance of this technology first attitude, the Telangana Government has provided a platform for and is, in partnership with DLT Labs, hosting one of the largest blockchain symposiums of its kind: Un-Block 4.0


Attend Un-block 4.0: The biggest event of its kind on the block

There is an increased need for a practical approach – the answer to which is blockchain.

Blockchain is more business-centric than technology-centric, and post witnessing the practical industrial applications of the technology, organizations have accelerated its adoption. Therefore, In the last few years, there has been a remarkable growth in its acceptance. This distributed ledger technology also plays a significant role in simplifying data management, streamlining processes, making supply chains more efficient and improving data security.

In times when data security & governance are of utmost importance, more businesses and governments are set to integrate blockchain to facilitate safe and secure transactions & operations using the distributed data management method.

This integration of blockchain technology is something to look out for.



Un-Block 4.0 intends to provide participants and delegates broad-spectrum knowledge through presentations and pointed insights about various industries through case studies. The panel discussions will allow participants to share points of view and provide them with networking opportunities.



The future always begins now. Even as you read, blockchain is reshaping the way the world interacts based on the need for more security, transparency and trust. Hear from industry leaders about real-world uses cases in different industries like Blockchain in Fintech, Supply Chain & Logistics, Agriculture, Healthcare, and more.

Panel discussions

Panel discussions

These discussions will fuel thought and spark debate on how blockchain has changed the way we see transactional security and Enterprise-to-Enterprise (E2E), Enterprise-to-Government (E2G) and Department-to-Department (D2D) collaborations. It has disrupted the entire landscape of data exchange in industry.

Industries in focus

Unblock 4.0 is the most awaited Blockchain conference in India. The technology is bound to have a significant impact on all industries, including:


Government Sectors

Icon-Trade Fianance

Trade Finance

Icon-Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Logisitics



Icon-Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance







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14 days of pure adrenaline and problem solving…

HackDLT is an effort by DLT Labs to build a community of blockchain enthusiasts. It is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills in a competitive and challenging atmosphere. Inviting all coders, from beginners to veterans – to register and build blockchain applications on our ready-to-use, tech-enabler platform.


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